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My name is Cristina, I was born in Italy with Sun in Gemini and Moon in an earth sign. I am a Dianic Priestess, certified Plant Spirit Healing practitioner and esoteric herbalist. I am also a licensed landscape architect specialized in healing gardens and therapeutic landscape, trained in herbal medicine and Horticultural therapy, author and freelance lecturer.

As holistic practitioner and polyhedric professional my work embraces the spiritual and the material dimension, and for both of them I offer my skills and availability.




I offer both online and in person mentoring, courses and classes in the Dianic Tradition, female spirituality and esoteric herbalism, to help people to connect with, and evolve into, the spiritual dimension of life and their Sacred-self.
I am also available as guest speaker for conferences and events.



My consultancy service aims to help women to reach a deeper knowledge of themselves, of their spiritual needs and sacred mission, and/ or a state of balance and wellbeing through the power of Plant Spirits. Session consists of 1h video call in which I will be able to listen and assist within the available time.



I offer remote tarot reading to be performed via video call. Session consists of 1h in which you will be able to ask as many questions you wish within the available time. Tarots will provide the information necessary for your spiritual development, and guidance on the matter of your interest.



Restoring and maintaining the balance of our auric field, allowing energy to flow freely, is the core of the healing process itself, and a way to prevent energy unbalances to manifest on the physical body. As Plant Spirit Healing practitioner I offer a range of treatments to suit your specific needs.


FEMALE SPIRITUALITY: Witches, Priestess, Women of the Goddess

Nowadays the word "witch" indicates a woman who knows and practices ancient arts of healing and witchcraft, a set of magical techniques and rituals based on the interaction between the etheric, energetic and material world.
A Priestess can also be a witch, but more in general is an awakened woman who dedicates her spiritual vocation and skills to the community, teaching by living by her own example.
As contemporary women our main purpose is to be a channel, a chalice for the experience of the divine, thus continuing the original role which Ancient Priestess had in the past. We are called on creating sacred spaces where people can re-connect themselves with the Divine, experience the sacredness of every moment and passage of their physical and emotional life, develop their own awareness and access to their full potential.

In 2014 I have been ordained Priestess into the Dianic Tradition by the Temple of Diana (USA non-profit and tax-exempt federally recognized Temple, co-founded by Ruth Barrett and Falcon River in 2001), affirming my dedication to female wisdom and awakening by supporting women and their spiritual needs.
The Dianic Tradition is an initiatic path based on female blood mysteries and women's creative power, and its practices and rituals are developed mainly through the physical, spiritual, cultural and social experience of womanhood from birth to death. The main purpose of this spiritual path is to set women free from patriarchy and re-empower themselves via connecting with their inner Divine Light.



Occult botanica + Ritual perfumery + Esoteric Herbal Apothecary


Spirit is the vital principle held to give life, it animates physical organisms and implies intelligence, consciousness and sentience.
From an indigenous and shamanic perspective there is a Great Spirit, Universal Consciousness, an unified field, as well as individual Spirits existing in all living things. Plants, rocks, animals all carry a portion of the Great Spirit, and the whole earth itself is a large hologram of Spirit, so our connection to it begins with our connection to the Earth itself and elements that sustain life based on interconnected relationships. Life is a vast web of interwoven vibrations of light, sounds and sensations that we are able to feel.
Plants, as all living cells, posses and emit light rays that can become coherent (the ability to maintain a beam of light that radiates out affecting what it comes in contact with), it is this light that carries intelligence and information, and also the foundation for the possibility of plants and people to communicate with each other. Plants, being highly intelligent beings, do not affect only the physical body with their chemical constituents, but respond to human emotions, thoughts, intentions and prayers.

In 2018 I have been certified as Plant Spirit Healing practitioner, a vibrational system rooted in Shamanism and based on a co-work with Plant Spirit to heal and re-align energy. I apply the knowledge acquired during my training to connect with Plants and share their Medicine and wisdom via treatments, and by producing vibrational essences for people to use and incorporate into their spiritual and healing practice.




Feel free to contact me, I'll be happy to assist you.

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