Female Shamanism

Shamanism is a set of spiritual practices characterized by a variety of ceremonies held to honour nature, work with it, read its signs, interpret dreams and mark our sacred time. All necessary elements to develop intuition, healing and personal power.
Specifically female shamanism is caraterized by creative and destructive energies embodied by women, reflection of dynamic laws of nature and its seasonal cycles, as well as the alteration of states of consciousness induced by the monthly passages of female life, that is the menstrual cycle and its direct connection with the rhythms of the moon. The sacred Yoni of women represents the gateway to the ancestral knowledge of our higher self, kept in the female womb, directly linked to the universal love of the heart, and the divine vision of third eye.
According to shamanism it exists, over the physical world, a non-ordinary invisible reality with which we can communicate through the shamanic journeying. This reality actually divided into three separate worlds: the lower world, land of the power animals, the upper world where the spiritual masters in human form reside, and the middle world.

Power animals represent all those spirits in animal form, both wild and mythical creatures, that since our birth decide to protect us, support our health, guide us and give us their special gifts and abilities. Instead, the spiritual masters can be deities (of any pantheon or culture), souls who have achieved enlightenment, relatives or deceased persons, historical or mythological character in human form of any gender, age, culture or religion. They can bring us wisdom and important teachings for our spiritual and material life, and they support us through knowledge.
A shamanic practitioner is the one who through alteration of her state of consciousness is able to communicate and interact with the non-ordinary worlds from which she can get knowledge and healing both for herself and her community. By entering into communication with the spiritual forces and allies, and her inner power, she is able to energetically work for her self-wellbeing and the one of her community, becoming also an intermediary between the physical world and the unseen reality.

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