Esoteric Medicine

My life has always been deeply connected with nature and wildness, this communion with earth led me to the study of plants through different approaches such as magical-energetic, therapeutic, eco-spiritual and botanical as well.
I am a Plant Spirit Healing practitioner, a vibrational system rooted in Shamanism and based on a mutual work with Plants Spirit to heal and re-align energy, also a trained phytotherapist and esoteric herbalist, profession which combines the medicinal and vibrational properties of plants and their compounds to create plant-based productions which can be used for witchcraft (practical magic) and shamanic practices, as well as for healing processes and psychophysical wellbeing. My products can be purchased on-line through my witchcraft emporium Domina Lunae Apothecary.

In addition to my herbal studies, I have been graduated with honor in Landscape Architecture, earned a master's degree in Safeguard of Landscape, Environment and Territory, licensed as landscape architect and added to my traditional studies in garden design and ecology an holistic background that ranges from ecotherapies to ecospirituality, all enriched by a deep sensitivity for nature.
My design work is not just a professional discipline, but an expression of an artistic vocation creating places for harmony and human wellbeing. My gardens are conceived following principles of aromatherapy and cromotherapy, ancient symbols and energetical rules, to satisfy both spiritual and material needs. They represents the mysticism of nature and the power of its ancient and wild beauty. I design unique and ideal places to heal and feed the soul, restore and please your senses and body.

I provide plant spirit healing treatments, esoteric medicine consultancy, also garden and landscape design and consultancy in several typologies of green spaces. In particular, I am specialized in healing gardens, physic gardens and sacred spaces and my design service can be requested from both private and public entities.

Esoteric Herbalism

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Plant Spirit Healing

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Healing Garden

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