Rituals represent the primary means of connection with the Divine. From the most accurate ceremonies to the little daily meditation, prayer and action with a specific purpose, all can be considered different kind of rituals and part of our personal magical practice.
In neopaganism the Divine exists as principle and energy, so a ritual is not a request but more a necessity of the devotee, a mystical moment of harmonization with the energy of the Great Mother to which all we are indissolubly connected.

Specifically, Dianic Tradition is distinguished from other pagan traditions especially due to its rituals and practices exclusively for women, focused on all aspects of the Great Mother and the magical practices related to them. Also, the feminist consciousness and its visions are often included inside the content of a ritual, and the focal point is always the female experience and practices of empowering and awakening of the feminine consciousness created by women exclusively for women's needs.
Cosmology, ethic and principles of this magical-religious traditions are inspired by the ancient cults of the Great Mother and their folklore, dynamics of matriarchal society and its celebrations of the Sacred Feminine honoured as primordial source of creation. Thanks to the celebration of the female blood mysteries - birth, menarche, pregnancy, menopause and death - women can rediscover their intuitive wisdom and sacredness as earthly manifestation of the Goddess and Her creative power, becoming mistress and creators of their own life.
Dianic rituals include emotional, physical and psychological experiences for awakening of a new female awareness thanks to which women can heal themselves and their communities from the influences of a patriarchal social model and structures. Also they celebrate the mythical cycle of the Goddess in the seasons of nature through its birth, death and regeneration, which correspond to the same biological cycles of female transition.
Dianic Witches honour the Goddess in every woman through rites of passage, marking the life cycle of womanhood and celebrating the ability of women to create life, support it and to return to the Goddess through death. When the spiritual experience is founded and embodied in women's body we reach the essential intention of dianic rituals: re-sanctify the body of women as a manifestation of the Great Mother, the source from which and to whom everything comes and everything returns.
Reclaiming, through Dianic celebrations, our own power on all levels of existence is a healing journey for body, mind and soul

As officially ordained Dianic Clergy I also offer my service to create and officiate rituals and ceremonies such as:

Ceremony Description Price
Rites of passage
Child blessing/naming ceremony, menarch/Maiden blessing, pregnancy/Mother blessing, menopause/Croning, death.
Rituals of separation
Miscarriage, divorce
Public seasonal celebrations
Sabbats (equinoxes and solstices), Esbats

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Creation/development of rituals and ceremonies is a time of sharing during which we will try to give life to your vision, but if you don't have already a your own idea I will personally design your magical and perfect ceremony.

*spells are not performed

**Decorations, tools, travel and accommodation are at the expense of client, and not included in the booking fee 

Cancellation Policy: 
Paid fee will be refunded in full for cancellation within 3 days from the booking/purchasing date, after this time only a 50% of the paid fee will be refunded. No refund will be issued for cancellation requested during 24 hours from the event/ritual/celebration date.